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Kaylyn & Justin Farm Engagement Photography Session| Raleigh photographer |

Kaylyn and Justin, I am still obsessed with your farm engagement session! The beautiful light, the joy in your eyes, and the magic you two brought is just SO incredible!!!

While I can’t believe it took me this long to share their session, I’m so excited to be finally getting this session on the blog.

Fun Fact: While we were taking pictures on the creek I was really freaking out of the different noises around. This Creek is where Justing used to play when we was a kid so he really knows how to protect us from different kind of wildlife lol. And let me tell you, I really feel safe with him, you have to believe me!

Enjoy these pictures!!! I really glad to be witness of this moment with my camera!

Love seeing Kaylyn and Justin engagement session in Jordan Lake, North Carolina? Interested in booking your own adventure and capturing candid and authentic moments with your family, let’s chat!

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