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In home couple session - Diane & Brian

This is an intimate and emotional photo shoot, during Christmas in the home.

This is the best way to document real life for a couple.

This was during the most beautiful period of the year: Christmas!!

In home couple’s sessions are a beautiful way to document a couple’s love in a much more intimate and honest way. I adore simple at home photo sessions that show couples in their own environments, doing what they would do over an ordinary weekend. For Brian and Diane’s session, we decided to set a very relaxed atmosphere where we could let them enjoy doing the things they love doing together, hanging out each other and play with their dog Kona.

What I love most about sessions like this is that you really get to relax and be yourself. They are simple, but so personal to the couple.

I really hope to do more of these sessions in the future for couples like Diane and Brian. The ones who want to document it because it’s part of their history.

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