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G+L // Raleigh Wedding at St. Michael Church

Gaby and Luis’ wedding was an absolute dream!

The day was filled with so much love and so many cute moments. One of my favorite moments was when Gaby had her mother put her veil on. Another precious moment was when the first reveal of Gaby with her two fathers. Yes, you read well!!! She is so gifted and has two awesome fathers! This moment was priceless.

Even with all the cute moments and pretty decor, the most important part of the wedding was that Gaby and Luis were married.

The fact that they seemed to have a lot of fun was just icing on the cake. So without going on anymore, check out some highlights from their beautiful day below!

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Professional photographer specialized in lifestyle photography including family, couples, maternity, newborn, and weddings serving Raleigh area.

Maria is a Professional Photographer specialized in lifestyle portrait photography including family, couples, maternity, newborn and weddings serving Raleigh area, North Carolina.

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