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Fun tips to document your pregnancy - Make your pictures memorable! | Raleigh Photographer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Are you pregnant?? Congratulations!! 

You’re probably wondering what would be the best way to keep some memories from this beautiful adventure.

During my pregnancy, it was important to me to document it with my lovely son Diego. I wanted to be able to look back and not only see my baby bump, but I also wanted to be able to immerse myself in those moments we share together.

Here you will find some ideas for documenting your pregnancy and will help you to track your growing belly and put in writing all of your thoughts, experiences, dreams and feelings.

The first pictures in my case was the Pregnancy announcement: How did you find you were pregnant? I guess it was a real surprise and a lot of emotions at the same time. Here is how I found about it!!!! With a simple pre test!!! After years of visiting doctors Dr. Faith crossed in our path, indeed she has the best name for what we consider is a miracle and we are so grateful to her. What a feeling to know our new baby is arriving this fall!

I immediately wanted to share the good news with my little one. I pick a tripod and voila!!! All the emotions capture within the same frame!!! Diego hugging me and his future little brother. This one was my first belly picture!

And then...the first pictures from the baby arrived!!!! Here is Diego holding his big brother license!!!!!!

For the followings baby’s picture I wanted to be more creative with the perspective... You can see my belly and a picture of the baby next to it. Ask someone to help you to capture this!!! You will treasure it forever.

One of my favorites is the gender reveal!!!

It’s Blue 💙!! It’s a BOY!!!

Diego was so happy to learn he was going to have a little brother. We immediately picked a lot of blue paint and played with it painting our faces and getting a lot of fun!!! You will find lots of great ideas on Pinterest for sure!!!

The following months we learnt together about how the baby was growing and Diego wanted to talk to him. It is amazing when you realize he understands his little brother is already there.

In around the 30th week of pregnancy, the baby recognizes our voices. Diego and daddy were able to hear the baby's heartbeat by placing their ears on my belly. So, I built this toy phone we used to play with when being kids for Diego to communicate with his little brother!!

He is taking care of me every day and following all the amazing changes during this pregnancy with me. How special is your first kid but how special and different is to share with your first kid the journey of the second one. In this picture, mom is showing her growing belly to Diego who finds this so much fun!!!

Tip: when you take pictures at home try to stand next to a window and you will have a beautiful light exposure.

Another great tip: Try to be creative using the light coming from the window to create a silhouette of your huge beautiful belly.

The last weeks your belly is growing more and more and you can obtain more pictures with your little ones in this amazing perspective...

Now I am working on memories with the nursery room and baby clothes. Only 4 more weeks to go and meet his little face...

The moment I was waiting for is the whole family together!!! We went to a sunflower field next to our home and take some pictures all together with my tripod. I cannot love more these captures...

We are so excited for our little Diego to become a big brother. I can’t wait for them to become the best of friends!!⠀

To be continued ....


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