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Evelyn turned 7

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Let's document this big milestone in her life!!!

I brought a special helper to this shoot and he ended up taking pictures with his friend.

I don't usually bring Diego to my shootings but this one was very special. Evelyn is one of his best friends from School and when he knew that I will taking pictures with her I cannot say no to come with me.

Evelyn is a very sweet girl, she loves traveling with her parents around the world. She had been on a 5 week trip driving and visiting 14 National Parks last months in USA.

Last week she came back from her last adventure in Iceland!!!

At 7 years old Evelyn can tell many stories from her travels.

We can't wait to continue seeing the adventures that you tell us about your next trips !!!

Take a look some of my favorites pictures of her... and her spontaneous friend!


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