Celebrating Diego’s birthday during this challenging times.

Last weekend we celebrated Diego's birthday. It was an atypical celebration for this social distancing new life but we wanted to bring him closer to his best friends.

We did a car parade where Diego gave his friends a birthday kit box for the amazing zoom party where they played together.

The birthday kit box consist on:

- Indoor Scavenger Hunt list.

- Snacks for the virtual party (Cheez-It, mini chocolate cookies and Toy Story gummies).

- Animal backpack charm activity set + instructions.

- Latex Balloons.

- Animal face mask

- Birthday fringe blowout

- Crayons

- A reading book personalizes for each kid.

Diego was so excited waiting for his friend at the car parade. He loved the balloon decoration.

We had a busy parade with all our friends!!!

They had so much fun at zoom party. And we enjoyed to see so much familiar faces!!

At the end he blew out the candles from his birthday cake.

Thank you so much to all of our friends and family members for following us in all of the crazy ideas we have put in place for his party and for being there in front of the screen to make Diego as happy as you all did.

Mission accomplished. Diego was very happy because all of you. Thank you!

Later night as a tradition we did some fireworks at our backyard. Thanks our Sokolovsky's best friends for thinking of every detail!!!

A special mention to Gaby from Gaby and Chic for bringing all these ideas to life with her balloon decorations, birthday boxes and cake.


© 2019 by Lovely Little Diego Photography. All images under copyright

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