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Back to school 20-21 | Lovely Little Diego | Raleigh Family Photographer

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Whether back-to-school this year will involve in-person or remote learning will be a challenge one for sure.

Back-to-school season is always a time of excitement and uncertainty about the year ahead. New friends, new teacher, new classroom, new exciting subjects to learn. The coronavirus pandemic has brought us many new challenges but working all together; parents, teachers and society, we will make the black clouds disappear and let the sun shine again.

For about half of American students, the school day typically begins with a bus trip. You usually can see all these driving around the city picking them up to begin their day.

A typical school day requires proximity: High school lab partners learning over a vial. Kindergarten students sharing finger paints. Middle schoolers passing snacks around a cafeteria table.

This year, nothing will be typical about school .

Tomorrow, when school year 20-21 starts, buses, hallways, cafeterias and classrooms will look and feel very differently. And it will stay that way as long as the coronavirus remains a threat for all of us. We have an important part to play here to make this easy for our children who really adapt better to every situation as we do.

Diego will start 1st grade virtual school and he is super excited!!!!! He will meet his new partners and teacher on a screen, weird enough, don't you think?. Not for them our XXI century kiddos.


Before you go I want to share with you another amazing photographer, Robyn Scherer, a Senior Portrait Photographer who is booking class of 2021 senior portraits. Check out her work! Enjoy!

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