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Maternity Photo Session

What to Wear

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in your life, so of course you want to document it–baby bump and all. 

I want you to be able to look back on that moment forever with timeless photos.

1.  Avoid strong colors. Stick to white or pastels. White is SO beautiful and allows your bump to really show because it’s not distracting.

2. Avoid trends.  If you’re investing in quality maternity photos, you don’t want to look back in 20 years thinking “why was I wearing that?!” because something is now out of style. That’s why I prefer just wearing a simple flowy dress and sticking to neutral, pastel tones.

3. Play With Texture Texture is just as important as the color that you are working with.  It gives dimension to the images and can add additional softness.  Layering can also help in adding more interest and can be very flattering. 

4.  Avoid heavy makeup Also with the trend issue, there’s no reason for a dark smokey eye during a maternity shoot. You want to look like an enhanced version of yourself, and that’s it. No need for crazy makeup. Same goes for nails! 

5. Choose a fit that’s right for you.  Not all pregnant bodies are created equal, so choose a dress or outfit that will accentuate your bump. I love anything with a waistband that sits above the bump because it essentially gives you the waist you’re missing due to pregnancy!

6.  The Maxi Dress  Here are a couple of great reasons why a maxi dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. For one, it’s incredibly comfortable. Comfort is key when you are pregnant, and when you’re taking maternity photos for an hour or so, you want to be as comfortable as can be. It also looks amazing on any pregnant body because it’s incredibly flattering. It covers up anything you don’t want shown, but can also be pulled against the belly to show off your adorable baby bump. A maxi dress is also a very dramatic piece of clothing to wear for a photo shoot. A flowing Maxi dress looks amazing in the wind and creates a lot of movement in a still photo, while covering any areas of concern. A tight Maxi dress will accentuate those beautiful curves.  You certainly can’t go wrong wearing a maxi dress for your shoot. 

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