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Extended Family Pictures

Lifestyle Sessions

Your life is a story that needs to be documented.

An extended family portrait session is a wonderful way to document special moments with loved ones you might not see very often. My extended family is an add-on my classic family session rate. "Extended" covers a pretty wide range as far as what family members and how many. I usually apply it to groups of six or more if those being photographed are outside the immediate family (for example, a family of four, plus two grandparents, would be an extended family session). These sessions can also include cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and/or family friends.

My extended family sessions are just a little bit different than our classic family portrait sessions. Here are some tips to help you prepare for an extended family portrait session.

What to Expect

With a wide variety of family members to photograph, we will have many potential combinations — we try to capture individual families within the larger group and any other combinations that you would like (like all the cousins together with grandpa and grandma!). Letting us know ahead of time if you have a specific list of combinations is always helpful. It’s so important to us that we have plenty of time to capture all of these moments. 

When and Where

Taking pictures close to sunrise or sunset means we get to work with soft, gorgeous light. 

It is preferable open and huge spaces for these kind of pictures.

If you have a location in mind, let us know! We have our favorite spots that we can recommend based on the time and weather, but we’re always willing to check out a new setting, especially if it carries some significance for your family.

What to Wear

First and foremost, choose outfits that make you feel good and comfortable! That feeling of confidence will show through in your photos. Dress appropriately for the weather; it’s especially hard for kids to give authentic smiles if they are feeling way too hot or too cold. Props (sentimental toys, furniture you’d like to use, a quilt to sit on) are welcome but not required.

Don’t be afraid of vibrant colors, textures and patterns like florals and plaid. Do avoid pinstripes and logos. We recommend that you go for coordinating colors amongst your family members rather than matching. You don’t all need to wear khakis and blue sweaters! A mix of textures and colors that “go together” rather than match makes for fun and stunning photos. Remember to include shoes when you’re considering the overall look and coordination of your outfits; your feet will definitely be in some of the photos.  Dressing in layers will help.

Have Fun!

When it comes to photographing children, you can expect us to say or do silly things to get real smiles. Adults, for the posed shots, just keep looking at the camera and smiling while all that craziness is going on. Otherwise, follow our direction, play with the kids and just have fun! For the times that you aren’t in the picture, you can stand back and let us interact with the kids so they’re looking right at us and not distracted. If we need some help, we’ll let you know.

With younger children especially, we’re happy to let kids run around a bit between posed shots. Letting them be little goes a long way in helping them warm up and we love capturing those candid moments. 

Above all else, we want you to enjoy yourselves during your extended family portrait session. We’ll do our part to make sure you look amazing and will give you directions as needed. For the most part, you can relax and do what feels natural; if we need to make adjustments, we’ll let you know. Just have fun! Trust us: the “we’re actually having fun” smiles are always the best ones.

All sessions include:


Together, we will decide the location, time and day of your session. Please feel free to ask ANY questions.
​This time is yours and I want you to be as comfortable and confident about our shoot as I am.

Day of Session

A typical shoot takes 1 hour. I prefer to shoot between 3-8 pm. Afternoon light are beautiful and parks are typically less crowded. Feel free to bring props and/or quick change of clothes. My goal is to make this a memorable and fun experience for your children and family while I capture the essence of what makes your family just that...yours.


Within two weeks, your professionally edited photographs will be available for viewing and downloading from your own on-line gallery.
​You will have roughly 30 high resolution images with permission to reproduce as you wish.

(Additional images available to purchase after session)

2023 rate: $400 session*

2023 rate family lifestyle video: $200 video

Retainer: Non-refundable 50% retainer is required upon reservation.

*Do not include prints.

(For all other types of sessions, please contact me for individual quote)

Document your Family session with a Lifestyle Video

A 2-5 minute timeless film is available to add on to your portrait session. Please let me know prior to shoot day, if you decide to have one created as well.

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