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Photography Covid Security Practices

According to NC Law and up to date guidelines for Businesses


First, I want to acknowledge and honor the very real challenges this pandemic has posed to us all. In this deeply human season, we have watched triumphs and trials transpire. For better or worse, we have collectively risen to the occasion. I have been humbled to watch people find creative ways to connect. My own family is well and for that, I am immensely grateful. Of course, it is my most sincere prayer that yours is as well.

Personally, I’ve been staying healthy these past few months and catching up with some personal projects (on my Instagram) and revamping my website.

During the quarantine, I’ve been sharing my pregnancy and kid photos every week! Check it out here!

I am about to give birth my second one but I am already planning my return to business for next Nov 

I will continue monitoring the news on the coronavirus weekly to decide what might be the best course of action.

New Photography guidelines

I am super excited about starting to book sessions again and creating amazing memories with my clients and friends.  We all know that how we conduct sessions will look a little different in how we interact each other. Here are some guides I am putting in place to make sure that our clients’ health and safety are a #1 priority.

Al bookings and Payments will be conducted online via Paypal or Venmo.

Outdoor Locations.  Every portrait session will be planned in a location that follows the social distancing guidelines. This means that each location should have plenty of space to walk around and should not be too busy with other people.

Practice Social distancing during the session. We will make sure that we keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and the lens. This can happen quite naturally by using lenses that require the photographer to step back in order to capture the right photo. I will give you all the instructions with a security distance.

Prompts or settings. I won’t bring any prompts or set for the pictures. Feel free to let me know if you will be bringing a blanket or any other thing you want me to use.

Face Covering. I will be wearing a face mask. You, of course, would not need to wear one.

Stay at home if you feel sick and reschedule. Everybody must be symptoms free for at least the last 72 hours before the appointment. I would like to ask the families to reschedule the session if anyone at the household feels sick. Safety is key.

Digital Image Delivery. Within two weeks, your professionally edited photographs will be available for viewing and downloading from your own on-line gallery.

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